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  • Credit where credit is due.  The folks over at Twitter are making a heroic effort to keep the lights on long enough that Donald Trump can complete his mission to usher in the dark reign of Hillary Clinton.
  • Southern phrase of the day – “Like a scalded squirrel in a mop bucket.”
  • Irish Woman learned this week that a chocolate donut shoved into your mouth by an old friend helps a lot when you are weeping in the checkout at the grocery store.
    • 2016 needs to just end, and soon.
  • The good news is that I figured out why the numbers given to me by one of my applications made no sense to me.
    • The bad news is that the reason the numbers didn’t make sense to me is that I didn’t understand how the application was coming up with them.  Once I touched the monolith, I saw their wisdom.
    • The really bad news is that this means I have to rip out a couple days worth of work and re-do it.
  • Breakfast conversation the other day included the words “Trumpism,” “panspermia,” and “teets on a boar hog.”  Not sure what to make of that.
  • The rough, and I mean rough, draft of the second Minivandians book is complete.
    • Trouble is, it’s long.  As in “How in the name of all that is holy did I get so many words into one document?” long.
    • Even if I take a pruning hook to it, it’s too much.  The solution, of course, is to break it up.
    • I’m going to cut it into three chunks.  Each chunk will contain a novella and a few short stories.
    • I plan to publish the first chunk as an ebook on Amazon in December.  I’m giving it a read through and improvement pass now, and hope to have it out to alpha readers next week.
    • After that, the other two chunks will come out every six to eight weeks, with a final “Holy crap is that thing long!” collection edition in ebook and printed versions in the spring.  By then, I should have a couple new short stories to add to it.
  • Research for the second Via Serica novel continues.  I finally found a source that discusses the necessary time and place for more than a page and a half.

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