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  • My goal for tonight was to write a battle scene in “Coming Home.”  After two hours of writing, I barely got through the pre-battle “You and what army?” conversation.
    • The book should be ready for beta readers by the end of next week, assuming the world doesn’t fall in.
  • There’s a wonderful moment in life when you realize you’ve been making the same, basic grammatical mistake in every book you’ve written.
    • I guess that’s what second editions are for.
  • There’s nothing in the world like the sensation you get when the vibration from the dentist’s tool goes through your teeth, up your jawbone, through your inner ear, and right into your brain. It kind of felt like I needed to scratch my cerebellum.
  • Boo has started piano lessons and is going to be trying out for the school Christmas pageant.  I’m considering investing in a pair of high-end noise blocking ear buds.
  • Instant cheese grits – Do yourself a favor and just don’t.
  • I’d like to thank Samsung for sending me texts on my new iPhone to let me know that I need to shut off my Note 7 and return it to the store.
    • It’s good to know they care.


  1. John in Philly

     /  October 14, 2016

    Not a grammar error, but I was in my mid teens when I found out that it was reciprocating steam engines, and not repercolating.


  2. BTDT… Sigh… And yes drilling WILL drive you right up the wall!


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