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  • Irish Woman and Boo went down to visit with Girlie Bear at college today, so I got the day to do whatever I wanted.
    • Something must be wrong with me.  I took advantage of the solitude to scrub, oil, and wax all of the hardwood floors, scrub the kitchen, and clean up the basement.
  • In the never-ending saga of the Galaxy Note 7, I read this morning that my carrier is allowing customers, who made the possibly fatal mistake of buying one of these things, to exchange it for the smart phone of their choice.
    • Since the mere presence of my Note 7 threatens to burn down my house and kill my children, I’ve decided to take them up on that offer.
    • My first choice is an Apple iPhone 7 Plus, but if I order one of those, it won’t be available until just prior to the heat death of the universe.
    • The new Google Pixel looks intriguing, but it won’t be available for several weeks, and Google’s path is littered with abandoned smartphones.
    • Finally, there is the iPhone 6s Plus, which comes with a decent amount of storage, and is available on my carrier’s website.  It is not, however, available at any store closer than Kuzhenkino.
    • Being the patient consumer that I am, and wanting to get this rather expensive incendiary device out of my home, I chatted with a very polite and friendly young man on my carrier’s website, who assured me that if I called their customer service number, someone could help me get the phone I wanted shipped to a retail store for pickup. So began tonight’s web of lies and deceit.
    • I called the 1-800 number and spoke with several people of progressively less promising attitude and intelligence.  After being put on hold several times, I was informed that there was nothing they could do for me, and that I would have to go to the retail store to get it all sorted out.
    • The last person I spoke to, who I’m sure is a wonderful human being when he isn’t torturing small animals, seemed confused as to why anyone would want to be shut of such a fine device as the Note 7.  I had to remind him of the recall on the original models, and the fire that happened just the other day of a ‘fixed’ model.  You know, small details.
    • Tomorrow, I will take my phone and my sunny disposition to my local cell phone establishment.  I will calmly and rationally explain the situation, for the 10^5th time, and request that they arrange for me to get the phone I want.  I fear that they will attempt to convince me that another phone would be just what I need, in which event I may have to become less friendly and outgoing than normal.
    • I can see the news story now:  “Retail cell phone store manager in surgery to have a cell phone removed from his lower alimentary canal.  Police seek large man armed with a krumkake iron.”
  • Irish Woman attempted to put up Halloween decorations this evening, and Crash the Wonder Cat decided to ‘help’.
    • By help, I mean that the feline used his claws to inspect the polyester spiderwebs, bat at the power cords to the myriad of lights my lovely life put up in the yard, and climbing Irish Woman’s leg so that he could lounge upon her lower back when she leaned over to connect everything.
    • I’m pretty sure Boo learned some new words tonight, which I’m sure I’ll be blamed for when he blurts them out during Mass at school.


  1. Ah yes, cats and decorations… Just wait until Christmas! 😀


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