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  • Tonight, the first debate between the two major party nominees will occur.
    • Donald Trump will probably spend the evening trying to convince the American voter that he is a decent, competent human being.
    • Hillary Clinton will probably spend the evening trying to convince the American voter that she is human.
  • Since these modern debates are all about perception rather than reality, I’m sure that the Trump campaign has spent a lot of time figuring out how many lights to use, the intensity to set them to, and which hues will make their man look less like a carrot.
    • Mrs. Clinton’s team has probably brought in a rocket scientist to try to figure out how many warming lamps will be necessary to keep her upright after the sun goes down.
  • Donald Trump doesn’t have a hair on his ass if one of his retorts isn’t “Hillary, you ignorant slut!
  • Lester Holt will go way up in my estimations of him if he introduces Mr. Trump as “Donald Trump and his cranium squirrel” and Mrs. Clinton as “Patient Zero”.
  • In all seriousness, Mr. Trump will gain a lot of points if, in the event that Mrs. Clinton has a coughing fit, he pours a glass of water and offers it to her.
    • Of course, that’s assuming that he can wrap his hands around the carafe without help, and that she won’t start screaming about melting.
  • We went to a wedding on Saturday, and it was great to see so many family and friends.
    • It was held at a brandy distillery.
    • There was an open bar.
    • No, I did not take pictures. I choose life.
    • Irish Woman now has a new tipple that will warm her heart when the sun only makes brief appearances every day.
      • At $40 a bottle, it better.
  • At a cross-country meet on Saturday, it occurred to me that the winners of the races for the younger children all seemed to be the smaller children, who ran the course as if they were storming Hamburger Hill.
  • Boo went to a birthday party on Saturday.
    • It included several zip lines, multiple bouncy houses, a pool, and many other distractions for the little tykes.
    • Meanwhile, in the event that Boo has a birthday party next spring, I’m going to try to do it somewhere that doesn’t cost more than a house payment and we have to do as little work as possible.
  • I’m pretty sure that Irish Woman would be more rational if she suspected me of cheating than she is when somebody messes up her take-out order.


  1. I suppose Knob Creek is out of the question for Boo’s birthday party.
    Either and/or…


  2. LOL, you’re all over the place today… And agree, DO NOT screw up the take out order! EVER!


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