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  • I finished watching “The Tudors” the other night, and decided I’d like to watch something where the characters are good people, where there isn’t much gruesome bloodshed, and where the bed-hopping was implied rather than annotated.
    • So, I’ve watched half of the first season of “Borgias“.
    • George R.R. Martin ain’t got nothing on actual human history.
  • My circadian rhythm needs to stop drinking and go to church more often.
  • There are few things more frustrating than having to go back three chapters and rewrite something that you specifically told yourself not to write in the first place.
  • This is that wonderful time of year in Kentucky where you still sweat like a whore in church, but you have to decide how long you can wait before raking leaves.
  • Our new neighbor has a dog named “Frisbee.”  He’s a sweet hound, and he seems to get along with our dogs.  Crash, the Siamese psychopath, looks at him like he’s wondering what a saddle and some spurs would cost.
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