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  • Reading old translations of Norse sagas does wonders for my motivation.
  • Dear Jackass from Michigan – When you see everyone in front of you light up their brake lights on the highway, that’s a hint that continuing to drive 80 miles an hour is not advisable.
    • I sincerely hope you did not have your A/C on recirculate so that you could taste the bits of median you threw into the air as you desperately tried to avoid forcibly mating your Chevy with a Honda.
  • Someone needs to tell the President that when you land in another country and they don’t extend the correct honors and courtesy to you, then it is perfectly acceptable, nigh unto encouraged, to get back onto your pretty blue airplane and fly home.
  • My phone saga:
    • Last Monday – “My phone needs to be replaced.  Oh, look, Samsung has a new Note out!”
    • Last Friday – “My new phone is here!”
    • Friday – “Dammit!”
    • Sunday – “No, I’m not giving you my phone until you have another just like it to give to me!”
  • Irish Woman’s new hummingbird feeder has proven to be a hit.  Those darned things are coming in so fast and in such numbers that I’ve taken to humming “Flight of the Valkyries” whenever I go out on the porch.

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  1. In other words, a normal week…LOL And beware, if you don’t fill the feeder, those suckers WILL come after you!!!


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