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  • Boo’s cross country has started again.  The first day was kind of shaky for him, but by day two, he seemed to be enjoying himself.  And by enjoying himself, I mean he wasn’t collapsing to lay on the ground and moan after finishing a mile.
  • Girlie Bear is settling into college quite nicely.  I was informed today that ramen noodles cooked in canned french onion soup are quite tasty.
    • We are already planning on making a lot of her favorite meals when she comes home for a weekend.
  • Tried my hand at smoking a ham today.  Next time, I either need to give it more time or more heat, or both.  The smoke ring on the open, flat side, was quite good and yummy, though.
  • Of course the air conditioning broke at my office on Friday.  I mean, it was just in the 90’s for both temperature and humidity, and we can’t open windows or have fans.
    • Honestly, it reminded me a lot of working in a field SCIF in Louisiana.
  • Garden update –
    • Tomatoes are winding down.  Once we get the garden done this year, we’re going to have to douse the tomato section with herbicide and reapply if necessary.  Crab grass and creepers have been terrible this year.
    • I foresee construction of another blackberry patch in my future.  The canes we have now are starting to take over vegetable beds and the neighbor’s yard.
    • Peppers, bell and otherwise, are making a comeback after something ate them up a couple months ago.
    • The last of the onions are out of the dirt and in the freezer.
    • The second crop of green beans is doing well, with the first gallon bucket coming in tonight.  Coincidentally, I have 3/4 of a ham in the refrigerator and a bunch of fresh onions from the garden.
    • We harvested about 1/3 of the almonds from the tree this year, but left the rest for the squirrels.  The washed nuts are in the freezer now.  We are researching the best way to roast and use them.  Next year, the squirrels are going to be out of luck if our small-batch experiments work out.
    • We have several volunteer blueberry bushes growing in the planters next to their parents.  Once they go dormant, I’ll get planters for them.


  1. John in Philly

     /  August 29, 2016

    We had blackberries for only a short time. They began to get orange rust and we never got it controlled. Found out the rust problems don’t affect raspberries and the raspberries have worked out well for us.
    We picked an everbearing variety of raspberry and have found them to be less work than the blackberries.
    Raspberry pancake syrup is the red gold.


    • We have those, but they’re not exploding like the blackberries do. They grow wild here, so it’s an ideal environment for cultivated canes.


  2. Nothing better than fresh out of the garden food! 🙂


  3. c-90

     /  August 29, 2016

    Send Girly Bear an emergency case of civilian mre’s. 8*)


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