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  • I am so glad for that little voice in my head this morning, which whispered, “Go make a pot of coffee.  You’re gonna need it.”
  • Ladies and gentlemen, always remember that when you hear hooves approaching you from behind, you might be dealing with horses, you might be dealing with zebras, and you might be dealing with blood-thirsty carnotaurs who want nothing more than to watch you suffer for hours before devouring your soul.
  • You’d think that if you left the office later than usual, you’d have less traffic to deal with, but you’d be wrong.
  • We’re in full canning season here at Casa de Oso.  So far, I’ve put up 23 quarts of spaghetti sauce, have another batch in the cooker for canning tomorrow night, and another bushel of tomatoes waiting to be processed.
    • That should give us between 45 and 50 quarts, which is enough to get us through most of the next year.
    • I also need to make chili base, but we don’t need quite so much of that.
  • I’m <<THIS>> close to being done with the middle third of the second Minivandian’s book.  In the next couple of days, I’ll start writing the part of the book I wanted to write when I started.

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  1. Zebras? I always think mules… sigh…


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