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  • Dear phone center drone:  I don’t care how inconvenient it is for you to do your job.  When I’m paying your company as much as I do, if I want my medicine delivered via singing telegram, she better be cute and in a good mood when she gets here.
  • The Olympics will begin tomorrow evening.  I’m torn between watching the coverage on NBC or just subscribing to the hourly updates from the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Bob Costas and his botox are interviewing a guy in khakis and a sports coat about the conditions in Rio.  I’m guessing they’ll be somewhere between “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Blackhawk Down.”
  • Man hath no love like a labrador retriever watching someone eat an ice cream cone.

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  1. Was the Lab whining??? 🙂 That’s when you know it’s serious!


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