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News Roundup

  • From the “Priorities” Department – The USDA is moving ahead with a pilot program to allow people on government assistance to use their SNAP benefits, commonly known as food stamps, to purchase food through on-line vendors who will deliver groceries to your door.  While this could alleviate the problem of poor people who do not have access to transportation and live further than is conveniently walked from a grocery store, this brings up a couple of question:  If you’re too poor to pay for your own groceries, how can you afford Internet access?  If you have the mobility to get somewhere with free Internet access such as a library or restaurant, don’t you have the mobility to get to a grocery store?
  • From the “Tech and Tackle” Department – The NFL is considering putting tracking chips in the footballs used in games.  The technology will be used to track the ball’s location in space, especially during point-after and field goal kicks.  No word yet on whether they will include a pressure gauge.
  • From the “Backups Save Lives” Department – A man, who has maintained his Blogger site for almost a decade and a half, recently found that all of this work, along with all of the information he kept in his gmail account, was gone.  It seems that Google shut him down for some unknown violation of their terms of service.  Attempts to find and fix the problem with Google have come to naught.  This is a reminder that when you use the “cloud” for anything, you’re using someone else’s computer and they can do pretty much anything they want with your work.  Backup your data, people.
  • From the “Parenting” Department – A Pennsylvania woman is in trouble after she allegedly used the trunk of her Corvette as a car seat for her children.  In related news, I was just reminded of the many times I was used to hold down the hatch on a 1974-ish Ford Pinto when my father needed to go to the lumber yard 30 miles away.
  • From the “Home Cooking” Department – A woman in Tennessee had to call the fire department recently due to a fire in her bathroom.  It seems that she had decided that a little barbecue would be good, so she set a fire in her fiberglass bathtub and tried to cook brisket over it.  Now, everyone knows that when you’re trying for that authentic barbecue flavor, you use porcelain-glazed cast iron, but it’s good to try new things every once in a while.  There is no information as to whether she used a tangy, mustard-based fire suppressant on her meat, or if she is of that heretical sweet ketchup sauce splinter faction.


  1. Suz

     /  July 19, 2016

    I do know that there are some senior citizen apartments that have cable, phone and internet included in the rent. And I can see where it would be helpful for folks who have just gotten home from the hospital as local grocery stores, and pharmacies, no longer deliver.



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