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  • Today, our family took part in that most holy of Catholic traditions – the parish picnic.
  • Irish Woman made three cakes for the cake booth – a lemon cake with raspberry sauce, a dark chocolate cake with cherry sauce, and a yellow cake with bourbon-caramel fudge icing and pecans.
    • Somebody apparently liked the looks of the yellow cake, because it got bought up before the picnic even began.
  • I worked the “Frogger” booth, in which a plastic frog is placed on the downhill side of a small teeter-totter, and children whack at the uphill side with a padded mallet.  A prize is won if they can get the frog into a bucket a few feet away.
    • I had more close calls with head and hand wounds in four hours than I ever did in the Army.
    • I may have to check with the Air Force, but I’m pretty sure some of the older kids put frogs into low earth orbit.
  • After listening to hours of…. music played over the public address system, I can now tell all of you the following is true:
    • If there’s a problem, I won’t solve it.
    • Billie Jean is a gold-digging ho.
    • It is quite all right to stop believing
    • I do not wish to watch anyone whip, let alone nay-nay.
    • If I ever find this Macarena chick, I’m going to be on the local news with someone saying “He was always such a nice, quiet guy.”
    • If everything in your life is blue, you need to go outside more often.


  1. So ‘fun’ was had… for definitions of fun… 🙂


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