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  • Hubris – The condition by which a guy from North Dakota thinks he can drive through rural Kentucky without using the interstate highway or GPS and not end up 25 miles and an hour’s drive beyond his destination.
    • I miss the wide open west, where roads are laid out in straight lines, not trued with a snake having a seizure.
  • Good luck is coming upon a country roadside stand selling peaches picked this morning.  Great luck is discovering that they have used science fiction and western paperbacks for $1.00 apiece.
  • Use of the term “Brownian motion” to describe my families efforts to pack up our campsite was not met with familial approval.
  • I now have permission from Irish Woman to hunt raccoons.  This was precipitated by the loss of a relatively new crock-pot, complete with locking lid, to the ministrations of trash pandas on Saturday night.
    • I’m starting the budget for a suppressed .22 pistol as we speak.
  • To the drunk who decided to walk through our campsite at 11:30 last night and urinate in front of Irish Woman’s car, you’re lucky it was her that caught you.
  • Sometimes, being a pack rat pays off.  While looking for something completely unrelated, I stumbled across my old Boy Scout’s uniform shirt I bought when I was Little Bear’s den leader.  Now that I’ve been suckered talked into being pack secretary, this will save me the arm and a leg a new one would have cost.


  1. Nice find, and I’d recommend a Ruger 22/45 with a barrel already set up…


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