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The Games Children Play

It would appear that several members of the House of Representatives are staging an ‘impromptu’ sit-in on the floor of their chamber.  No, really, on the actual floor.  Yeah, the one with that cheap carpet.

They seem to want a vote on gun control legislation, and since the leadership of the majority party of the House isn’t doing it, they’re going to disrupt the House until they get their way.  Or until someone shuts off the lights and air conditioning.  Or they get bored.  Or until that rerun of the Mickey Mouse Club comes on later today, because, you know, Annette.

I guess holding their breath until they turn blue wasn’t working.

Anyway, I sent a message to my Congressman to tell him that I would donate $100 to the charity of his choice if he were to take the podium and read the Constitution, the Heller decision, and the McDonald decision to his colleagues while they have their little drum circle.

I’m going to expand this a bit, since Mr. Massie may not have the time to do this today.  I will donate $100 to a charity named by the first member of the House to do it.

In the event that this happens, anybody else want in?  Feel free to spread the word to your Representative.

1 Comment

  1. I’m in for $100!


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