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  • Just for once, I’d like the blood of the dead to cool before someone on either side of the political and social divide starts dancing in it.
    • Apparently someone calling into 911 and pledging allegiance to a terrorist organization, along with said organization claiming responsibility for his heinous acts, means that we need to have tighter gun control in this country.
    • Apparently a natural-born citizen who decides that last night was the perfect time to slaughter a bunch of people is the perfect reason to restrict immigration by people like his mother and father.
  • Ever notice that it’s never Northern Plains Lutherans who are on the national news with the reporter calling them by their first, middle, and last names?
  • Irish Woman’s “Summon Rain” spell worked wonderfully.  The garden got a good watering with the sprinkler this morning, then we got a nice downpour at dinner time.
  • Apparently the trick to getting yard work done around here is to get everyone out as soon after sun-up as possible, work like mad for a few hours, then reward labor with air conditioning and water gun fights.
  • Girlie Bear got her first firm estimate on how much her first semester of college is going to be.  Oh, but how the financial scales have fallen from her eyes!
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