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  • Time to write “She had dark blonde hair.” – 8 seconds, including visualization.
    • Time to write “She had hair the color of burnished bronze.” – 37 minutes, not including time spent cursing.
  • Chapter outline:  Unexpected meeting. Transfer of deep knowledge.  Foretelling of future exploits.
    • Chapter draft:  “Hey, bro, ‘sup?”  “Not much.  How’s your mama?”  “Fine, man, fine.”  “Cool.  See you later.”
  • Girlie Bear worked her first day of adultish employment today.
    • She was doing well to stay awake through dinner.
    • She was not amused when I hugged her, told her I was proud of her, and that she only had half a century or so until she could stop.
  • Did y’all know that if you tip a push mower on its side so that you can clean the clippings out of the exhaust chute, it will probably destroy the engine by leaking buckets of oil?
    • Neither did I, until yesterday.
    • My neighbors should be glad to know that my lawn mower has thoroughly fumigated our street through a prodigious application of thick, white smoke.
    • In other, totally unrelated news, $BIGBOXHOMEIMPROVEMENTSTORE is having a sale this week.


  1. Congrats to Girlie… LOL And I hope you at least put enough oil back in it not to fry the valves… 🙂


  2. “Did y’all know…?”
    Yes. Yes, I did. In my defense, I had been spoiled by an electric mower, which was in the shop.


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