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  • I’m not a superstitious man, but I swear that a section of smooth, clean sidewalk came alive today, reached up, grabbed my leg, and forced my right ankle to roll over far enough that the sole of my boot touched my calf.
    • The sound my ankle made as it rotated back was rather unpleasant, although at the time I was just trying to stay vertical.
  • Note to self – Before picking up the snow-shovel in the garage to put it away for the season, check to make sure Mr. Wasp is not resting on the handle.
    • Secondary note – While I am not allergic to wasp bites, they do not make for a fun long weekend.
    • Tertiary note – Find where we tucked the benadryl away during the kitchen remodel.
  • As an independent voter, I’m appalled.
    • The two major parties are running an  overbearing bint, who has spent most of my lifetime acting more like the overbearing head of an HOA than as a statesman, and the jerk who pulls down his pants and does the watusi on the subway to get little old ladies to move and give him a seat.
    • The Democrats are still having fun trying to get their crazy uncle who had too much of the brown acid at Woodstock to sit down and be quiet.  Amazingly enough, he has a lot of people who think his quotes from Das Kapital are worthy of their attention.
    • The Libertarians have nominated a guy who uses a double entendre as a campaign slogan, backed up by a guy who was for gun control until he was against it.  They stand on a platform that seems to have been put together in a dorm room after somebody scored a dime bag of pure kush and an eight-ball of coke.
    • The other parties are turning into the usual quadrennial mish-mash of cranks, commies, and just plain annoying twits.
    • There are over 300 million of us.  Is this really the best we can do?
    • It occurs to me that never in my adult life (I was too late to vote for Reagan) has there been a presidential candidate I wanted to vote for.  All of the election choices I’ve made have been to vote against someone.
  • How to make it rain on a Thursday – Wednesday at dinner, tell your wife that there’s only a 30% chance of rain and you’ll mow after work tomorrow.


  1. John in Philly

     /  June 3, 2016

    Wasps. When you glance at one of the apple trees, notice a brown shriveled apple, and remove the brown shriveled apple, make a note to yourself for the next time that upon close examination a wasp’s nest does not really look like a shriveled apple, and holding a nest full of angry wasps in your hand is a bad, bad, idea.


  2. On your second to last point-We’re of one mind, except that I was able to vote for Regan the second time.


  3. Thankfully, I got to vote in both 80 and 84… sigh


  4. Suz

     /  June 3, 2016

    Hope your ankle is ok…to have a bum ankle and a stung hand at the same time would be a major drag!

    The other way to make it rain is to water the garden…guaranteed to make it rain, heavily, within 12 hours, not matter what the weather guesser says…



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