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  • Several of the young ladies who graduated with Girlie Bear discovered that hooker heels and “Pomp and Circumstance” rarely work together.
  • Speaking of which, whoever on the Jefferson County School Board decided that all high school graduations need to happen at the state fairgrounds on Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day, with Girlie Bear’s happening during rush hour, I hope your grandmother’s soul is used as toilet paper at Beelzebub’s Indian restaurant.
  • 336 students graduated from Girlie Bear’s school on Friday evening.  Congratulations to all of them for making it through the Greater Jefferson County Day Care and Criminal Incubation Collective.
    • I will, however, point out that there were around 600 students in her freshman class.  Even assuming lots of people coming to their senses and moving out of the county, that’s still a pretty significant number of kids who didn’t graduate.
  • We took Girlie Bear out for a nice dinner on Saturday.  Boo got the lobster macaroni and cheese.  We may have created a monster.
    • In retrospect, I was an adult before I knew what real lobster and crab tasted like.


  1. John in Philly

     /  May 30, 2016

    Lobster mac and cheese. We were using up a gift coupon and dining at a chain restaurant. I tried the lobster mac and cheese, and it was really, really, good. Of course, the next time we went to the same place, (and visions of lobster mac and cheese were dancing through my head) the lobster mac and cheese had vanished from the menu.


  2. “Greater Jefferson County Day Care and Criminal Incubation Collective”
    He-he – good one! Congratulations!


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