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  • When I walk away from you while muttering in a foreign language, it’s not an encouraging sign.
  • Nothing starts a date night with the wife off better than hearing her holler “Honey, the toilet won’t flush and there’s water coming out of the bathtub drain!”
  • We did get our date, at least that’s what I’m calling our trip to the home improvement store this evening.
  • I’d like to thank the patron saint of home repair for safeguarding our plumbing until after the party on Friday night.
  • If your store doesn’t stock something that your website says it does, sarcasm is not the correct response to me asking where it is.
  • Girlie Bear is winding down her last few days before graduation.  I was going to make her start looking for a summer job, but she found out she’s landed a Monday to Friday, almost full time job.
    • Hopefully this is a predictor of the rest of her life.


  1. John in Philly

     /  May 24, 2016

    One of our two local home improvement stores tells you whether the item is in stock, and lists the aisle and bin number for the item. Thus my interaction with the staff is almost zero, not a bad thing.

    When you are using a sawzall to remove a section of cast iron pipe to allow access for snaking, angle the cuts a little so the piece removes like taking a piece of pizza from the pie. Not a drastic angle, just enough that as soon as you get movement, the piece you are taking out is freed up, and not so much angle that the rubber and hose clamp connections do not fit. (easier to explain with a sketch)
    For smaller blockage, you can hole saw an access for the snake pretty fast.


    • We have an inspection port in the basement. I just have to get the cover off without destroying it.


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