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Restaurant Review – Roosters Wings

Roosters is a regional chain, with restaurants in Kentucky and Ohio.  There are three locations in Louisville, one of them only a few minutes’ drive from the fair grounds.

The menu consists of chicken wings (of course), burgers, and sandwiches, and salads. My personal favorite is the Big Bob’s Burger, although the Cajun chicken sandwich is also tasty.  Their wings are flavorful, with varying levels of heat to meet the diner’s tastes.  The nachos deluxe can be a meal unto itself.

The two locations I’ve visited in Louisville have well-stocked bars, with a good selection of mass-market beers and soft-drinks.

Roosters is a pretty economical choice, too.  Depending on what you drink and your appetizers, a meal for one person is usually between $10 and $20.

Their tag line of “A Fun, Casual Joint” is spot on.  The atmosphere is relaxed and relatively family friendly.  If you’re looking for a place to relax, have a good meal and a few drinks, and watch sports on their many television screens, this is a good candidate.

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