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Things to do in Louisville That Don’t Involve 70,000 People

So, you’re coming to Louisville for the NRA Annual Meeting, and you need something to do that’s not the NRAAM?

Well, here’s a short list of things to do in Louisville while you’re not walking the floor or listening to politicians try to convince you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  1. Louisville Zoo – OK, I’m biased on this one, because I’ve been taking kids to the zoo for almost two decades and Irish Woman does volunteer work there.  The zoo is well laid out, and includes attractions such as the Glacier Run Arctic exhibit, a very neat gorilla and Africa exhibit, and the most strategically placed splash park in North America.  A recently added bonus is the cutest baby gorilla I’ve ever seen.  Tickets are $16.25 for adults, $11.75 for children and seniors.
  2. Kentucky Kingdom – This amusement park is probably the most convenient attraction to the NRAAM, seeing as they share a parking lot.  The park includes the usual fare of roller coasters and other rides, but also has the Hurricane Bay water park.  Tickets are about $40 apiece, and you have the added bonus of looking at the underside of wide body jets and Air National Guard aircraft as they land at Louisville International.
  3. Holiday World – The alternative amusement park for Louisville, Holiday World is about an hour’s drive or so across the Ohio River in Indiana.  Many consider this a top of the line, family friendly amusement park, and admission includes access to the Splashin’ Safari water park.  Tickets for a day range from about $30 to about $40.
  4. Frazier Arms Museum – OK, you’ve walked the floor at NRAAM, but really want to see an exquisite historical firearms exhibit and enjoy living history presentations, so where do you go?  The Frazier has all that and more.  Admission is $12 for adults, $8 for children.
  5. Louisville Slugger Museum – Enjoy baseball-related historical exhibits and see how the famous bats are made.  Tickets are $14 for adults and $8 for kids.  Remember, though, the souvenir bats can’t be in your carry-on luggage when you fly home, no matter how small they are.
  6. Louisville Bats Baseball – The Bats will be playing the Columbus Clippers at home the same weekend as NRAAM, and Saturday night will be “Star Wars” night.  Slugger Field is an outstanding baseball venue, and tickets range anywhere from $10 to $30 apiece.
  7. The Parklands – A newly completed system of suburban/rural parks that lie along Floyd’s Fork in Jefferson County.  The park has something for just about everyone, especially families with kids.  A great place to walk, run, bike, or just play.
  8. Knob Creek Range – OK, you get to look at and handle guns at the NRAAM, but what if you want to actually shoot?  KCR is located about 20 minutes south of Louisville, and your $10 admission gets you on the range for the entire day.  Get there early on Saturday or Sunday, though, as things get busy early.
  9. Louisville Armory – Located just a few minutes away from the fairgrounds, Louisville Armory is a great place to shoot.  Prices are $25 an hour for one person, but only $35 for two people to share a lane for an hour.
  10. Bourbon Tours – If you want to know where the brownest of the brown liquors comes from, take advantage of the multiple distillery tours available within an hour or so of Louisville.  The Kentucky Bourbon Trail can direct you to some of your favorites, but we also enjoy Buffalo Trace and Maker’s Mark.

Hope y’all find this helpful.  If you have other suggestions or questions, hit the comments section.

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