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Thought for the Day

Question – How does Donald Trump know that the Washington establishment is up for sale to the highest bidder?
Answer – Because his accountant made him keep the receipts for tax purposes.

Question – Why does Hillary Clinton hang out with Hollywood celebrities?
Answer – She’s been playing Lady Macbeth for so many years, she feels more comfortable with other performers.

Question – Why does Bernie Sanders feel that cradle-to-grave government support is the best answer to the problems of the average American?
Answer – Well, look at how well it’s worked out for him.

Question – Why has Ted Cruz made a career in law and politics?
Answer – The part of Grandpa Munster was already taken.


  1. nixfu

     /  April 29, 2016

    Funny. The one redeeming thing that Trump has going for him is that “it takes a crook to catch a crook”.

    The best thing about Trump is that if he wanted to something like tax reform he could spot any loopholes that would be exploited a mile away because he has experience doing so. Corporations would have a much harder time getting something past him, because he has been in their shoes and can’t be fooled as easy as a lifelong politician who has never been on the other side.


    • That’s assuming, of course, that the crooks voting for the loopholes and such in bills are doing it without knowing they’re in there.

      I tend to believe that the vast majority of Congresscritters know exactly what they’re doing, and sleep well at night knowing that they’re either exempt or well-paid enough that it doesn’t matter to them.


  2. I’ve got to agree with you DB, and the newbies up there are told to shut up and sit down… Sigh


  3. Why does Trump know the establishment is for sale? Why would this year be different?


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