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  • The over-the-entire-body-but-especially-over-my-ribs pain I had when I woke up this morning means I probably overdid it yesterday.
    • Activities included taking down two cabinets in the kitchen, putting up another in their place, re-installing the ones I took down in other spots, then installing the last of the upper cabinets and two of the lowers.  Then we moved a solid oak dining room table and chairs into the house and assembled it, brought wood in for a cold evening, and set up kerosene heaters and barbecue grills to keep our fruit trees from freezing.
  • Did you know that time dilates to a huge extent when you can’t take in a breath at all?  Having your entire weight fall onto an aluminum ladder (Yes, my feet were higher than my head when I impacted), with all that force concentrated on your ribs, might be the secret to faster than light travel.
    • Well, we gotta get two star systems over by tomorrow.  Schmuckatelli, it’s your turn to get smacked in the ribs with a heavy metal instrument.  Okey, deep breath!
  • I’m not stuck writing the next part of the second Minivandians book.  I know what’s going to happen in the next few scenes and I really don’t want to write that just this minute.
  • I’m a somewhat intelligent man, so you’d think I’d have noticed that the electricity went off yesterday afternoon, making that whole “Let’s do dinner in the crock pot to save money and time” thing moot.
  • Irish Woman sends Boo outside to play in jeans, tee shirt, sweatshirt, shoes, and cap.  I send Boo out to play in a pair of long shorts, sweatshirt, and shoes.
    • In both cases, the shoes get ditched within 20 feet of the house, which is why I gave up on putting socks on him.
  • It must be spring.  Irish Woman caught herself concealed-carrying a pair of pruning shears to the store today.
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  1. Overheard in an alley in Louisville: “The Viking’s not so bad, he conceals a 9mm. That Gael he married though…!”

    On a related note, today we were watching some thing about Jesse James, and it occurred to me that it never occurred to the James or Younger brothers that you can take the Viking out of the longship, but…


  2. Ouch, hope you didn’t break anything…


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