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  • Love – The ability of a married man to walk past a new-to-him gun store so that he can go into an appliance store to buy the stove his wife found on sale for the new kitchen.
  • Most of the kitchen is in the dining room.  Most of the dining room is in the living room.  I don’t get to live until the kitchen project is over.
  • There are few things more blood-chilling than hearing the sound of your wife’s voice saying, “Honey, where’s the reciprocating saw?”.
  • If you’re ever feeling good about how well you clean your home, take an hour or so and clean out the dryer vents and the area under and behind your refrigerator.  Boom – instant humility.
  • A Cub Scout pack committee member shirt and patches costs a little more than a case of ammunition.  That’s before I buy the hat, belt, pants, socks, and jacket.
  • Give a Scout a pack, and he will fill it with semi-useless doodads and junk food unless you give him some very focused advice.
  • Irish Woman found a novel approach to cleaning out deep cabinets that we are going to rip out anyway – rip off the side of the cabinet to get access to everything quickly.
  • There is a fine line between “pick up the Legos” and “play with the Legos.”  Boo has yet to find it.
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  1. Good luck with the kitchen. My parents redid their kitchen a few years ago. It desperately needed it. And they love the end result. But I remember my mother being NOT HAPPY about having her kitchen in her living room for the duration…..and I don’t even live local!


  2. Ah yes, the infamous ‘kitchen overhaul’… 3X the $$, twice the time, and MANY nights on the couch… 🙂


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