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What Will He Do?

I’d like to reach out to the Trump supporters here, and I’d like to do it with respect.  If you’ve read the position and policy papers on his website and you find that you agree with them, then this isn’t for you. You’re an informed voter, and you’ve obviously done your due diligence and still feel that Trump is the best candidate for your interests.  I can respect that and I wish you the best.

This is for those who are voting for Trump, or any other candidate for that matter, because you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore.  If you’re supporting Trump in the primaries because you want the Establishment, in whatever form you want to describe it, to feel pain for their past transgressions, this is for you.

Here we go:

Mission accomplished.  Time to declare victory and go home.

Bush, the favorite candidate of the Republican leadership, is out of the race.  Yes, Rubio is snuggled up pretty close to the welcoming bosom of the party elites.  But the Establishment has had its nose broken in the schoolyard fight that is American politics, and the guy they all stood behind and cheered has taken his ball and gone home.

Now, if you’re still angry and want to keep making that statement, more power to you.  At least you’re going to the polls.

But before you pull that lever, fill in that circle, or press that button, please think about a few questions, because the things I’m going to ask about are probably going to happen in the next four to eight years.

What will President Trump do

  1. When some whackjob turns a school or office building into a killing field?
  2. When the stock market tanks and the official unemployment rate starts heading north again?
  3. When Justices Ginsberg and Kennedy leave the Supreme Court, for whatever reason?
  4. When China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran stop playing games and directly challenge us and our allies?
  5. When there is a terrorist attack or large-scale civil disturbance on American soil?

Please, think about what he will do, not what he ought to do, or what you think any President should or should not do.  Consider the man’s history, both in actions and words, over the course of his entire, and quite well documented and publicized, life, and be honest with yourself about how you think he will handle these events.

If they give you pause, if you can easily think of ways that he will react to these events and harm you and your interests, then I ask you to do some more thinking.

And once you’ve done that thinking, please vote for the candidate that you think will do what you would want a president to do when these events happen, be it Trump or not.


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  1. rick

     /  February 28, 2016

    I am one your comment is directed toward. I have evidence there are millions of other voters like me, undecided. I was right there with you until the last. Do you really suppose we haven’t thought this through? Your comment, like so many others, does not go any further than what we all have already come to. The thing is, and this should be major concern of every voter whether they are in your target group or not…who else is there?

    I surely can get behind much of what Cruz says…but I don’t trust him. I feel slimy after watching him mouth the words that make me feel good. And, as a thinking man, I don’t make decisions upon emotion. His rhetoric is like sick sweet nothings but I and millions of others are worried of the morning after.

    I like Carson very much but I don’t see him as a viable candidate. Yes, he can go the distance but the damn machine murders him. Carson is not brash enough. That is not a deficiency in Carson but wholly of a decrepit society which values even a stupefying moronic charisma above intelligence.

    Any other candidate is not worthy of mention.

    So far, to this point in time, my decision is that this country needs a damn good shaking. Forget NK, Putin, China, the economy…this American society needs to be slapped silly, taken by the shoulders and shook violently. The candidate most likely to succeed in that is Trump.

    I am an American. F the world, lets take care of us. Let them follow us as they have done since we were young. We owe it o ourselves to be great again. Sure, the United States of America has been a shining beacon to the world, the hope for all people. In that respect we owe it to the world too. But dammit, screw the world. Seriously, forget ‘them’ for a while. Let us look to ourselves. The argument is strong that we have become weak because we worry about the world. So let us only think of ourselves for a time. The alternative is we have no further need of a hand basket for we have arrived in hell. It seems we’re hell bound as it is. Does it really matter who carries the football when, say China collapses the currency?


    • Rick, you’ve done the thinking already. I don’t know about millions, but I do know that many of the people I know who support Trump haven’t put as much thought into it as you have.

      And I agree that we need to change things, and I’m also in the “Undecided” camp. Remember, I’m the guy who left the GOP after the 2012 election because they didn’t seem to have the stomach for a real fight. But Trump, to me, isn’t the one who will change things without pulling everything down around us, good and bad.

      Also, four out of the five questions I posed were about domestic issues. We can commit to taking care of our own and still look for a path forward that doesn’t necessarily include Trump.


  2. There you go interjecting logic and forcing folks to actually think… I’m now an independent voter, and I’m going to take a hard look at ALL of them… I will admit Trump scares me less than Hillary does though…


  3. rick

     /  February 28, 2016

    Daddybear, I admit that in my previous comment I got full of my self such to the point that I ignored (not willfully dismissive) your points about ensuring domestic tranquility.
    Therefore, I’d like to address those points specifically.

    With respect to #1, other than cooing words of sympathy what could we expect of a President after the event? We see the disastrous affects of knee jerk reactions from an ideologue admin. Surely we wish to stop such response. Do you suggest we encourage a response to such an event except a different President have different response? Time and again we see the deleterious effect of a stalwart proposing yet another ‘cure’. Even if their proposal is beneficial it remains ‘more government’. I don’t want more government even if I means that the President et al keeps his nose out tragic events.

    Congress passes laws. It does not work well when a President inserts himself too ardently into the process. Look to Odummy as an extreme example of that. I’d prefer a President stay out with respect to #2. The results you mention are gotten from laws and policies. Therefore if the economy tanks it is he fault of Congress. A response from a President would only muddy the situation. Exhibit One: FDR New Deal.

    #3: I have little hope that ANY pol takes their duty to the American people seriously enough. I am firmly an ‘originalist’, believing the USC shall be in every circumstance be adhered to as originally written. I hold zero trust that any candidate would adequately vette a SCOTUS nominee. Blame the political parties. The contract is with the people not a middleman party. I am aware my answer looks like a cop out. In that I am sorry. I am not looking for someone pure and holy, I simply look for one I can trust. Aside from Carson I do not see one who is trustworthy. I am trying to speak positive, I do not wish to join the chorus of those who speak negatively.

    I guess the only solution I can think of is that the people take back their government. That is, force it, by any force necessary, to limit itself to that inscribed in the many founding documents.

    Of #5 I can only say what they should NO do. Do not declare martial law. Do not limit, restrict, curtail, or suspend any freedom or liberty of the American people. Any thing else I suppose is fair game.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


  4. rick

     /  February 28, 2016

    My T key is sticking. Last paragraph: ‘NO’ should be ‘NOT’.


  5. rick

     /  February 28, 2016

    Addendum: with respect to #5. Speak softly and carry a big stick. Would that not be effective in today’s world? I think yes although I also see a good argument can be made it is archaic due to the advent of a global economy.

    My thinking is that we are less prone to attack when we appear strong and powerful. And by God, follow through on every of our words. The best response to an attack is to keep it from happening. Peace through strength. Of a domestic disturbance, throw PC to the curb. No capitulation for agitators. I do not propose a police state, rather that civility is brought back into fashion. Imagine an informed populace, one which seeks proper channels to air their grievances. Is it not true that when people hit the streets in unrest it is because they 1) are aggrieved; 2) have lost faith in the process. Wide spread civil unrest shares a commonality with vigilantism in that both seek to force solution unilaterally by their own hand, unfettered of justice.


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