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  • I was thinking about the election the other day, and it occurred to me that this is probably the last time that a member of the post-World War II Baby Boom will have a decent chance of winning the presidency.
  • The best thing I can say about a movie is that it ages well.  Boo watched Raiders of the Lost Ark tonight for the first time, and we both enjoyed it, even after 35 years.
  • The pre-order for Escort Duty is going well.  For a while there, it was #36  on the Amazon short story sales list.  Of course, #34 was titled “Light His Fire: Paranormal BBW Dragon Shifter Mail-Order Bride Romance”, so my ego didn’t have much time to inflate.
  • I love living in the Ohio Valley.  There’s nothing better for seasonal allergies and arthritis than having to sweep snow off the walk on a Sunday and wearing a tee shirt with the windows open a week later.
  • I took Boo and Irish Woman out for lunch today after a Cub Scout meeting.  Boo has finally hit the age where the kids menu just isn’t cutting it.  My little man, who has precisely zero extraneous body fat, ate an adult lunch, half a basket of tortilla chips, and was eyeing my lunch hungrily.  Guess we’re going into a growth spurt.
  • Dear vendor – If the simple solution to my problem is to read a piece of documentation that is not available to anyone outside your company, then maybe you should make that documentation available to those outside your company.
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