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Back to the Barricades

I noted, as I imagine most of you did, the sad passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia the other day.  President Reagan appointed Justice Scalia to the federal bench in 1982, then to the Supreme Court in 1986.  Since then, he has been a staunch conservative voice on the Court.  I can’t say that I agreed with him at all times, but he always forced those who opposed him to think, and was responsible for several landmark rulings in the past few decades.  We are lessened by his absence.

I’d like to say that the passing of such a great man gives us an occasion to pause in our attempt to rip out each other’s throats and to come together as a nation to honor him.

Unfortunately, I can’t.

We are left with two bad choices.  Either President Obama appoints another Supreme Court Justice, upsetting what little balance there is on that body, or we go for over a year without a 9th Justice.

The President has the power to nominate whomever he wishes.  The Senate, however, has the power to either reject that nomination or to not even bring it to a vote.  Squabbling on whose power is of greater importance and how unprecedented it is for a Senate to swear off any Supreme Court nominations until after an election streaks across the news, and the rest of us are here in the middle wondering where we go from here.

So, it’s time to get in touch with our political servants once again, and it’s time to start paying attention to the presidential election.

If you believe that President Obama should nominate someone soon, and the Senate should vote on that nomination with all due speed, reach out to your Senator and tell them.

If you believe that the Senate is justified in refusing to bring up any Supreme Court nominees until after the election, reach out to your Senator and tell them.

Either way, we all need to tell our servants our wishes, or they will go off on their own and make an even bigger mess of things.


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  1. rick

     /  February 15, 2016

    Currently I have 15 (fifteen) letters sent to separate elected reps. Each letter was sent at least three weeks ago. The majority of those letters are follow ups to previously sent and unanswered letters. I’ve been through this before yet I still subject myself to this charade because of my adherence to the belief that these elected persons would feel responsive. I don’t even get the form response anymore.


    • Mine have all been much more responsive. If letters aren’t working, there’s always the telephone and visits to their local offices.


  2. Good point. Sadly the conspiracy theorists are already out there spewing their garbage on this one…


    • Yeah, this one seems to have legs with those who can’t seem to understand that the government couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel.


  3. nixfu

     /  February 16, 2016

    >or we go for over a year without a 9th Justice.

    Not a tragedy. This happens all the time. Justices recuse themselves all the time for things like when cases come up they had some dealings with in private practice etc..


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