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Restaurant Review – Jasmine Szechuan

Jasmine Szechuan is a small, family-oriented restaurant located in the Louisville suburb of Middletown.  It features good food and service and good value for your dollar.

Our family favorites at Jasmine are the peanut-butter chicken (it’s worth convincing them to make this usually sweet dish “extra spicy”), the General Tso’s chicken (again, ask for “extra spicy”), and the sizzling black-pepper beef.  Their won-ton soup is excellent, either as a starter or as the main meal with a larger portion.  This is my “Chicken Soup for the Soul” when I’m not feeling well.  Their spring rolls are tasty, as are the chicken on a stick and the coconut shrimp.

Seating at Jasmine is somewhat limited, so there is occasionally a small wait to get seated, especially for large groups or during peak times.  The dining area is clean, neat, and nicely decorated.  The restaurant has a small bar, so a selection of beers, wines, and liquors are available to enjoy with your meal.  The restaurant shares a parking lot with several other businesses, so you may find yourself walking a little to get to the door.

We have never had bad service at Jasmine’s, and the staff is almost always friendly and helpful.

Takeout for our family of four normally comes to about $40.00, which is about par for the course in this market.  Lunch for Irish Woman and me came to $20 before we left a tip.

If you’re on the east end of Louisville and need to take your family or a small group out for dinner, this would make an excellent selection.

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  1. So our large group may not work there… sigh


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