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You Evil Americans, You!


The United Nations wants the United States to hold some sort of truth commission to air out the grievances of Americans with relatively recent ancestors of African descent over slavery, Jim Crow, and other issues. This is supposed to be a move toward a more open discussion of the problems of race in our country and will also include discussions of such things as reparations to the descendants of slaves.

Well, I’m a little short at the moment. Will they take the blood of our ancestors who fought in the Civil War for the North as a down payment? Can we count the money spent on social programs that have benefited the descendants of slaves?

Look, jackholes, we acknowledged that slavery was an abomination 150 years ago, after over half a century of arguing about it. We got rid of legalized overt discrimination based on race half a century ago, and have exercised the power of the courts and legislature to fight it whenever and wherever we have found it. Every generation of Americans since then is a little better at letting race go as an issue between human beings.

It took 400 years to get to where we were in 1968, and it’s going to take a little time to unwind that particular knot from hell.

But apparently we’re not moving fast enough.

Michael Brown was reminiscent of black men being lynched? Are you bloody kidding me? A thug who holds up a store, struggles with a police officer for his gun, and then gets shot is compared to innocent men who were rounded up and killed without doing a damn thing? Really?

Look for this to be waved around in the next few months. “The rest of the world, who created the slave trade, killed millions of Africans while they were raping and pillaging sub-Saharan Africa up until the 1950’s, and have rarely, if ever, been honest about it or made reparations, wants us to fess up and admit that bad things happened in our history and within our borders!  Vote for me and you’ll get your share of the goodies!”

Yeah, spare me the drama.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for work, because somebody has to pay the taxes that make sure that the U.N. can pay for things like this.


  1. All of the “We paid that bill” arguments (or at least all the ones I’ve seen) are spot on … and won’t matter a fat damn to the people this crap is playing to. We need to come up with a better offer than “none of what is the matter with you life is your fault, plus free prizes”.

    How about “Vote for us and we will break your schools free of the Teacher’s Unions and the Establishment bureaucrat-parasites that infest them now. You know what’s being taught in your local schools is hogwash, and if you think about it you know whose hogs were washed with it. Keep voting Democrat and it will NEVER get better.”

    No, the current degraded station of Blacks in our society is not our fault. It IS the fault of a bunch of lily-white intellectuals who are deathly afraid that if they allow the brown people to be upwardly mobile, then the brown people will stop listening to their (Liberal Intellectual) Betters, just like to poor downtrodden Working Man did as soon as he could.


  2. The ‘irony’ to me is that the first slavers were BLACKS in Africa. They were the ones who took slaves and sold them at auction all over the place… So if they really want repatriations, they need to start in Africa with their own kind… sigh


  3. Phssthpok

     /  February 1, 2016

    I had a conversation last year with a 103 year old lady (who is still mobile and sharp as a tack by the way!) regarding race relations wherein I recalled a Louis CK bit* where he points out that there are folks alive today who LIVED (part of) the the civil rights ‘dark ages’ that lasted from emancipation up through the sixties.

    And it occurred to me that things will not get significantly better until one side stops teaching ‘hate’ to their children, and the other side stops teaching ‘anger’ (however justified that anger may or may not be).



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