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Cynical Musings

  • Our new snow shovels arrived today.  You may thank me now for the mild winter we will now enjoy.
    • Last time I bought new snow shovels, we didn’t get a shovel-worthy snow fall for two winters.
  • If you refer to yourself as a ‘lone wolf’ seven times in three minutes, then you may indeed be an isolated creature, but I very much doubt that you are the alpha.
  • Apparently a few thousand people had the same idea I did to get around the massive backup on the freeway.
    • It should not take over two hours to drive across Louisville.
  • I was informed today that I am not allowed to install a door bell that plays “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!”.  I never get to have any fun.
  • With all the talk about the new ‘correct’  Barbie dolls, I’m wondering when they’re going to ‘correct’ GI Joe.  We could have the “Married a stripper and adopted her kids” action figure, the “Alcohol and Drug Control Program NCO who OD’s on heroin” action figure, and of course, the “Been in long enough to have debilitating arthritis, nicotine stained fingers, and a raging problem with alcohol” action figure.
  • I hate high school politics.  If Donald Trump is unable to stand up to a reporter in a relatively friendly debate environment, how is he going to survive the debates in the general election where the game is visibly rigged against him?  For that matter, how is he going to handle the first time a foreign leader scores points against him in a face-to-face, televised meeting?
  • On that subject, I will vote for the first candidate to hand Candy Crowley a candy bar during a debate and ask her to eat it because she becomes a loathsome political hack when she’s hungry.
  • My first thought when watching this was “Wow, they’ve really improved the roads in Russia!”  My second was “Wow, they really haven’t improved the drivers!”
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  1. John in Philly

     /  January 31, 2016

    I figure you know this trick but, use a silicone spray that will dry, and spray the shovels. It makes a world of difference when you are dealing with wet snow.

    After we bought our snowthrower, we then went three years before using it. Near as we can tell, we have had it for about thirty years. A couple of small mechanical problems, increasing difficulty in parts support, and a general feeling that we are pushing our luck will lead to replacing it this year.

  2. Tim D

     /  January 31, 2016

    You have it nailed; someone who calls themselves a ‘lone wolf’ is usually just an ‘alone wolf’.

  3. jon spencer

     /  February 1, 2016

    You buy a shovel and NWS has this for me,


    But it has been about a very mild winter, so far.

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