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  • Boo got in trouble at school today for offering one of his buddies $15 if he would push the button to open the handicapped door as they were going into the chapel.
    • So, that happened.
    • Where do they come up with this?
  • When trying out a new jam cake recipe, it is probably a good idea to make a single batch before trying to make a double batch.
  • In other news, a jam cake made with homemade apple butter is pretty much the equivalent to an applesauce spice cake.
    • With caramel fudge icing
  • I had to remind Girlie Bear tonight that “Please make coffee in the morning.” does not mean make herself a single cup of coffee and leave her poor old father high and dry.
  • I’m listening to the 1981 Star Wars radio drama.  It’s interesting, and they went more in-depth on certain aspects of the story than you get in the movies.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
    • They do, however, linger a lot more on the burgeoning… infatuation between Luke and Leia.  In retrospect, it’s even creepier than the movies.
    • Did it ever occur to anyone in the Rebel Alliance that R2D2 had not only brought the plans for the Death Star, but had also been roaming the Imperial network for a while?
    • Also, did nobody in the entirety of the Alliance ever look at Luke and say “Skywalker?  Hey, I remember your father.   He was all over the vid screens during the war.  Good man.  Shame about how he turned out.”
  • I’m alpha reading for someone while I wait on beta readers.  I’ve said “I wish I’d written that” so often it’s becoming a mantra.
  • When we have met multiple times over multiple months, exchanged emails, and spoken about a thing several times in passing, use of the “First time I heard of it” defense when I try to actually do the thing causes your co-worker to have a blood pressure event.
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  1. Kids are pulling all kinds of crap we never thought of…


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