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Cynical Musings

  • The technology world is full of people who want to be artisans and craftsmen.  Unfortunately, what we need are more mechanics and janitors.
  • It is rather difficult to do research for one book while the characters from another book are yelling in your ear.  There may be a slight deviation from my planned order of publication.
  • Death by Powerpoint is preferable to Death by Project Planning.
  • Either the truck in front of me on the drive home was brining the road in anticipation of snow tonight, or someone just cleaned out a septic tank.
  • Did you ever notice that very few of the people who say “I would have joined the military, but I can’t imagine being told what to do all the time.” are self-employed?
    • For the record, I do not care why you didn’t join the military, because I don’t care if you joined the military.
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  1. John in Philly

     /  January 20, 2016

    Among the many surprises about joining the military was the huge amount of times that nobody told me what to do. And yet I had to decide what to do under great pressure and make the right decisions because the cost of the wrong decisions were human suffering and material damage. (sometimes the right decisions had those costs as well)

    Snow preps in Philly are to test thrower again, and respray thrower and shovels with silicone. And since I will be in the shed, might as well test run the generator also.

    Due to the expected snowfall on the weekend, the small people in our house will be greatly disappointed in the lack of a snow day. (those two small people are in their early sixties and one is a schoolteacher)


  2. The REALLY bad one is when the project planning gets dumped INTO a powerpoint… THAT is death by multiple blows… And those who bitched about the military usually are wearing a name tag that says, “Do you want fries with that?”


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