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Cynical Musings

  • Last night, the President and First Lady invited a few bleeding-heart meat puppets, a gun-grabbing parasite, and an empty chair, which apparently symbolized the President’s father’s involvement in his formative years, to listen to him give an inconsequential speech.
  • With all due respect to Governor Hailey, the ‘siren call” of anger is attractive because a lot of us are tired of picking Jack Johnson or John Jackson, and a little bomb throwing makes for a little hope that things might go a different way.  Not saying I want Donald Trump in the Oval Office, but I do want someone who’s willing to punch the opposition in the nose.
  • I better get points for refraining from telling a person I talked with today that their mama needed to be slapped for not being diligent about birth control.
  • If you’re buying $600 worth of lottery tickets and putting it on a credit card, please don’t get pissy when you hear my eyeballs roll into the back of my head.
  • Taking the ‘winnings’ from your scratch-off ticket to buy a Powerball chance is not ‘reinvesting’.
  • The news says that 27 cents of every dollar spent on the Kentucky lottery goes to the state for scholarships.  By the time overhead, administrative costs, theft magical disappearing money, and the governor’s criminal defense fund take their cuts, 8 cents goes to scholarships.  Don’t you feel better?
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  1. Lots of stupid out there today on ALL sides… And don’t get me started on the lottery…


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