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  • I learned a couple new things this weekend:
    • Turn on a movie he likes and hasn’t seen in a long time, then tell him that he can watch it with you when his room is clean, and he will finish in record time.
    • Take away every piece of electronics owned by a teenage girl and tell her to clean her room to earn them back, and her room will not only be done quickly, but also better than it’s ever been done before.
  • Three of my four football teams played in the playoffs today.  This makes for a good day.
  • Boo learns words he shouldn’t repeat at school when he sits and watches the Vikings with me.
  • If your team loses a critical game because of your stupidity, you should have to run laps around the stadium while the fans throw empty beer cans at you.  Just saying.
    • This is not a dig on a player who makes an honest mistake.  This is for the jackasses who decided to hand a close game to the other team because they’re jackasses.
  • We had our first french toast emergency this weekend.  After a long stretch of warm weather, the temperature plunged, the rain froze on the roadways, and snow covered it.  I expect to have to saddle up the mastadon to get to work tomorrow.
  • I think Derby might have started life with a family that had a baby.  Girlie Bear pulled an old baby doll out of her closet while she was cleaning her room and Derby immediately started wagging her tail and wanting to sniff the baby.
  • I guess we’re a strange family.  When Boo came to us to complain that the blade in his toy sword was loose in the hilt, I suggested he play with his gladius until I can repair it.
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  1. John in Philly

     /  January 11, 2016

    Flurries expected in Philly soon. Probably not enough to cause a run on french toast fixings.

    Snowthrower might remain on the bench for the whole season. Better to have one and not need it instead of the reverse.


  2. If you called it a gladius, and he knew which one you meant, then you’re doing at least part of your job as a father right.


  3. +1 on Jake! 🙂


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