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Cynical Musings

  • Figuring out how much money you want to donate to the Red Cross so that the desired amount gets to the people in need is a lot like figuring out how long to sentence someone to prison so that they actually serve the desired number of years.

    “Well, you want them to serve 10 years, so you have to factor in “Be good” time, “Took an art class” time, “Finally got their GED” time, and “We just take time off to save money” time, so you’ll have to sentence them to 25 years.”

    “Well, you want $100 to get to the people in need, so you have to factor in the administrative costs, fundraising costs, travel to luxurious conference locations costs, princely salaries for the people at the top of the organization costs, and of course, “we just lost track of that” costs, so you’ll have to donate $250.”

  • Oh, no, don’t broadcast the games being played by teams who have a credible shot at getting into the playoffs.  Let’s watch teams that gave up a month ago.  Or, you know, games between historical rivals that are always interesting to watch.  No, really, it’s cool, I’ll just sit here and watch the guys who are making mid-winter vacation plans during half-time.  Or not.
  • I’m sure all the liberal arts colleges that are sending multiple, colorful, and thick ‘invitations’ to Girlie Bear are reaching out to her out of a hope that they can contribute to her education and future earning potential.
  • If you don’t like that the new neighbor tore down the eyesore next to his house and is putting up a large barn / workshop, then maybe you should have bought the land when it sat on the market for three years.
  • This afternoon, I stood in front of a tee-shirt shop, listening to Jody Watley and Biz Markey, waiting on a teenage girl to make up her mind.  Is this 1989 or 2016?
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  1. To this day, I remember the brochure I got from Univ of Puget Sound.

    Big letters across the front… “How does Puget Sound?” Still makes me laugh.


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