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  • Girlie Bear successfully lost her fifth cell phone this weekend.  It’s somewhere in the house, but short of picking the house up and shaking it to see what falls out, we’re out of places to look.
  • Boo had a good Christmas, and between the books and art supplies, he should be well occupied for a long time.
  • Girlie Bear got clothes and luggage.  She seemed pleased.
  • Irish Woman’s principle gifts were jewelry and pajamas.  She’s been proudly wearing both for the past two days.
  • I was blessed to receive hand tools and coffee for Christmas.  The family really knows me, don’t they?
  • I have in my possession tickets to take the kids to see the new Star Wars movie, tickets to see Alton Brown perform in the springtime, and reservations for LibertyCon.  I haven’t felt this much nerd in a long time.
  • One good thing about being on night shift for a long stretch is that eventually you get used to it.  One bad thing about being on night shift is that eventually you have to flip back.  Another is that I’m only getting a few days of ‘normal’ before I go back on nights for a week.
  • There are few things more disheartening than finishing a story that you really enjoyed writing, re-reading it, and discovering that you ripped off somebody else’s blogpost, a childhood cartoon, and quite possibly the premise for a well-known author’s flagship series.  Oh, well, maybe I can fix it with a re-write.
  • On the Via Serica Book 2 front, research is progressing.  The internet is a wonderful thing when you’re trying to find information sources about obscure places 2000 years ago.
    • There was a ton of rather dramatic socio-political stuff going on in the decade before the birth of Christ, and not just in Europe.  I’m going to have to do a lot of timelining to make sure I don’t a) miss something important or b) get it totally wrong.
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  1. Re the research, it can TRULY take one down some rabbit holes that will ‘waste’ hours… And leave one wondering ‘how’ to fit some of it into the story… sigh


  2. Gregg

     /  December 28, 2015

    I got the family Tiles. You can put on keychain. The app on the phone will ring the Tile if you lose your keys. But also works in reverse for misplaced phones


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