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  • Ah, the metabolism of a boy.  First “I’m starving!”, then he gets fed and says “My stomach hurts! I ate too much!”.  Two hours later, he’s starving again.
  • Other parents looked at me strangely when I reacted to an altercation between Boo and other boy by saying “Nobody’s bleeding, so no big deal.”
    • That being said, when the other boy got a nose bleed a few minutes later, I sat Boo down and made sure he hadn’t hit back.
  • Girlie Bear worked at the local Christmas festival last night, then went to a sleepover, then went to work, then went to her mother’s house for a visit.  She’s starting to realize just how precious sleep really is.
  • Hey, teenagers!  You see that middle-aged guy out in the back yard cleaning things up, raking leaves, and stuffing yard waste bags?  You remember him telling you to do something three weeks ago?  It might be a good idea to come out and see if there’s anything he needs help with.
  • Some waste wood was resisting its destiny in the outdoor fireplace yesterday.  I tried reasoning with it, but finally had to resort to the nuclear option – kerosene and newsprint.
    • Seriously, I was a Boy Scout, an ancient Algonquin term meaning “pyromaniac.”  I can make anything burn with proper motivation and materials.
  • The alpha readers for the short story collection are starting to get back with comments.  I’m getting the cover art together, and hope to publish in early to mid January.
  • I’m a junkie for legends, myths, and just good stories.  If you tell the adventure myths of a culture in such a boring manner that I can’t stand to listen anymore, you have serious talent.
  • When I ask you to quantify a risk, “We can’t guarantee it will still work at all” is a pretty good answer.
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