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On Gun Control

We have a problem in our country.

I see it as too many people having too little control over themselves and even less regard for the value of human life.  I see it as multiple generations of our people raised without adequate parenting, whether or not they have both parents in their life.  I see it as those who need mental health support, including being kept away from others for everyone’s safety, not getting it.

I see it as a people problem, which means it is truly a problem from hell.

Others see it another way.  They see it as a problem with access to weapons, principally firearms.  I can’t know what’s in their hearts and in their heads, but I can know what comes from their mouths and what they do.

Their beliefs seem to be that if only we could prevent the ‘wrong’ people, for escalating values of ‘wrong’, from getting firearms, things would be better.

Their beliefs seem to be that if we could only dispose of the ‘wrong’ firearms, for escalating values of ‘wrong’, then things would be better.

Those opposed to private firearms ownership say that they don’t want to take our guns away, but then list off entire classes of firearms they want taken away.  Some are at least honest and say that they would make  all firearms in the hands of ordinary citizens disappear if they could.

They want to be ‘reasonable,’ which means that they want us to stop arguing, resisting, and fighting.

They want to exercise what they consider ‘common sense’, all while being unable to explain how their ‘common sense’ reforms would in any way fix the underlying problem:  people who believe it is appropriate to use violence for something other than self defense.

They say they want to ‘compromise,’ where compromise means they gain everything they want, while we are grateful we don’t lose everything.

I haven’t said much about gun rights in a long time.  To be honest, after the 2013 anti-rights push, I felt I was beginning to sound like a broken record.  I still supported gun causes, but I stopped using this soap box and others to get the message out.

That ends tonight.

Every human life lost to a gun, no matter the justification, is a tragedy for the people who loved that life.  The difference is in who, or what, gets blamed for that tragedy.

Some blame the gun, lumps of metal and plastic, for the tragedy.

Some blame the shooter, with no regard as to whether or not the shooting was justified.

Some blame all gun owners, especially those of us who work to halt and turn back the erosion of our right to self-defense with the best implement God has yet given us.

These groups believe that, had there not been a gun, there would not have been a tragedy, and that anything they can do to make the hundreds of millions of legally owned firearms in this country disappear is justified.

I blame the person who broke the law when someone is shot.  I blame the two pieces of filth in California, the whack job in Colorado Springs, or the criminal who kills someone in the street, for their actions.  I do not blame the implement, I blame the criminal.  Terrorists are criminals, murderers are criminals.  They deserve to be punished for their crime, and they deserve to have their liberty taken away.

I do not blame the sober driver for the drunk.  I do not blame the honest priest for the pederast.  I do not blame the honest businessman for the sweatshop owner.

I will not accept blame and punishment, for what is punishment if not the infringement of my rights, for the actions of others.

I am not a criminal.  I will not stand by while my liberty is curtailed.  I will not take one step backward, and I will not let someone push me back.

An election is coming up next year, and not just for the office of the President.  Governors, Senators, all of the Representatives, and a myriad of local and state offices are going to be on the ballot.  Please get informed, get involved, and get to the polls.

For me, guns are a litmus test.  A politician, from dog catcher to the President, who does not support my right to keep and bear arms will not get my vote.  A public figure who uses their bully pulpit to rail against me and those like me will not get my money or my time.

If you support gun control in any form, I will not vote for you.  I will advertise your stance as much as I can, both on-line and with the people I speak to every day.  I will do my best to keep you from office, and I will wholeheartedly support candidates and organizations that oppose you.

And if you’re coming to me for a ‘reasonable compromise’ when it comes to gun control, here are my terms for compromise:

I will continue to be a responsible, passionate, law-abiding citizen and gun owner, and you can go pound sand up your ass.

If you mean to have a fight over guns, bring it.

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  1. As my mother said in response to other comments of mine yesterday, “84 million gun owners didn’t shoot anyone today.”

    Might be a little under on the numbers, but she’s got the sentiment exactly right.


  2. Well said, and agree DB… It’s time for us to get back in the ‘fight’ so to speak…


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