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  • Bambi is safe from me this year.  After my performance today, I’m not sure I can make an ethical shot with two of the three rifles I practiced with.  Seriously, I was just trying to check zero on the Savage and the Thompson-Center, and I spent an hour trying to get ON PAPER.
  • Speaking of which, just for future reference, the number of shots it takes to gum up the Omega so badly that I struggle to push the bullet down the bore and have a heartbeat’s worth of hesitation between click and bang is 5.
  • In related news, Thompson-Center’s Number 13 cleaning solution can be used as a growth medium for brownish-green fungus.
  • I had some success with the Winchester .30-30, but I’m going to have to do something with that front sight.  Kept losing it against anything that wasn’t reflective and white.
  • Note to self – When your optics seem dim and fuzzy, check to make sure you have on your shooting glasses and not your sunglasses before cursing Bushnell.
  • H&K rifles are excellent implements for slinging brass into orbit and onto the Norwegian at the firing position next door.
  • Every so often, I think it might be a good idea to get RSO training so that I could get a part-time job as an RSO.  Then I see what RSO’s go through and realize I don’t have the people skills.
    • Seriously, if I couldn’t walk around with a range paddle and smack people upside the head with it, I’m not sure I could do the job.
  • Note to self – When attempting to boil water for pasta, it is customary to turn the burner underneath the pot on.
  • Note to self – When drinking coffee to stay awake and get some work done, it is counter-productive to use bourbon cream instead of half-and-half.
    • Mighty tasty, though.
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  1. Sounds like one of THOSE weeks…


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