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  • I am not allowed to refer to redneck, boorish, frat-boy incompetents as ‘brocephus’.
  • Self-motivation – I am not allowed to read the new David Drake anthology until I finish the longish short story I’m writing.
    • “They all looked up at the bright light in the sky, and in the seconds it took for the blast wave to travel down from the stratosphere, they realized that the heretofore unknown space overlords had had quite enough of their crap. The End.”
  • Easy fix for a user that continually fills up a file system with data they never look at:
    • Figure out which directory the user’s app uses to write to by default.
    • Remove the directory
    • Link the directory to /dev/null.
    • Listen for high-pitched keening.  If not heard, log off box and admit nothing.  If heard, log off box and admit nothing.
  • Boo ran a mile for time tonight, then jogged a couple of miles with his team to a fast food restaurant for a treat.  Instead of getting a small ice cream, as planned and discussed, he ordered chicken nuggets and fries, then went to a restaurant with me to meet Irish Woman and Girlie Bear for dinner.  My dear wife had just driven down from Chicago, and I wanted to treat her.  He raided everyone’s plate, then ate about half of an adult-sized dessert.  I think we have a growth spurt in progress.
  • I had another person point to my hat and ask “Do you work for Blackwater?” tonight.  I swear, I didn’t know much at all about that company when I asked Robb to create the bear paw symbol, I’ve been using one bear symbol or another online and off for the better part of two and a half decades, and I wasn’t that kind of military contractor.
  • Note to self – When leaving the dogs in the house alone for the day due to weather, make sure that the gate between the dining room and kitchen is closed.
    • Secondary note to self – Dogs can and will eat a three pack of lip balm if given the chance.  Plan accordingly.
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1 Comment

  1. John in Philly

     /  October 1, 2015

    At least two lessons in this post.

    I did not know a bear paw was part of the Blackwater logo.

    I did not know that Onward, Drake! was an anthology for David Drake.

    Luckily I bought it in the last bundle and will begin reading it in a few seconds.

    Thank you!

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