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  • I told Boo to clean his room, mainly by pointing out all the Legos and books that had found their way to his floor.  The Legos were a struggle to get done, but once he figured out that he could organize his books on the shelves no more wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard.  He was excited that he could put “learning books” on one shelf, “chapter books” on another, and Dr. Seuss on a third.  I have no idea where he got this.
  • Braunschweiger – Bavarian word meaning “Hey, Fritz, what do we do with the rest of the pig?”.
    • In related news, Boo was able to sound out (mostly) the label on a package of braunschweiger at the store, and asked if we could try it.  I haven’t had the stuff since I was almost his age and sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen in North Dakota.
    • This will be a learning experience for both of us.
  • I may have created a monster.  First, we let Boo listen to the Narnia series and the first Harry Potter book in audiobook format during the family trip this summer.  Actually, he listened to both a couple of times.  Then, I got him Treasure Island and The Reluctant Dragon and we listened to those.  This morning, I used my monthly Audible credit to buy The Hobbit for him.
    • C.S. Lewis was a genius.  Boo first listened to Narnia in July and started 1st grade Catholic school in August.  He’s already seeing the parallels.
    • It’s a 20 to 30 minute drive to his school every morning.  That’s usually enough time for a chapter.  With Irish Woman on the road off and on over the past few weeks, he’s been getting at least double that most days between trips to and from school and cross-country.
    • I may have to up my membership at Audible and make a donation to Loyal Books.
  • Hell hath no wrath like a road-weary Irish Woman who stops to pick up lunch on her way home and realizes that the restaurant messed up her order.
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  1. LOL, that’s a GOOD monster you’re creating! 🙂

    • Yeah, but he keeps breaking into a British accent at school and walking around the house squawking ‘Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!’

  2. I’m not a huge audio book fan, but I’m definetly a fan of whatever it takes to adict kids to books!

  3. Karl (AKA: Grumpy Old Badger)

     /  September 27, 2015

    For a Braunschweiger sandwich, make it with a red onion, a sliced dill pickle, a spicy brown mustard, and a firm,jewish rye or pumpernickel, (I prefer the rye myself). Boo may be a little young for a good German lager, but sweet tea works well as an accompaniment also.

  4. jon spencer

     /  September 27, 2015

    This is going to sound odd, but it is good.
    For braunschweiger or liver sausage, on a cracker put a slice of the sausage and about a half a tablespoons worth of grape jelly.
    The flavors just work together.

  5. Regarding restaurant orders;
    It is my experience that there is something about working in fast food that makes on deaf to the phrase “No lettuce”.

  6. Phssthpok

     /  September 28, 2015

    **Bavarian word meaning “Hey, Fritz, what do we do with the rest of the pig?”. **

    As opposed to Scrapple.. the German/American word for “Hey, Franz, what do we do with the rest of the pig?”.


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