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  • Problem – Seven year old boy is bored and it is hot out.
    • Solution – Turn on garden hose, give to seven year old, and tell him to stay in the back yard.
  • Problem – Seven year old is now filthy with the mud he made playing with the hose and claims to be bored again.
    • Solution – Get old can of cheap shaving cream and show him how he can sculpt, paint, and draw with it.
  • Problem – Seven year old boy is covered from head to toe in shaving cream.
    • Solution – Hose him off with the already unwound garden hose, then allow to air dry.
  • Dear bike riders – When going down narrow country roads in a large group, it is incumbent upon you all to stay on your side of the double yellow line, especially in blind curves.
  • Labrador retrievers are supposed to be water dogs.  Why do mine cry so much when being given a bath?
  • For dinner tonight, Boo and I got sandwiches and headed over to a local park.  I didn’t feel like cooking, and he didn’t feel like eating my cooking, so it was a win-win.
  • Boo was more interested in the M-60 tank on display than he was the UH-1 helicopter.  I wonder what that means for the future.
  • After we ate and looked at the machinery, Boo played on the playground for a while.  Something struck me while I sat and watched.  You see, Louisville has its issues with race and class, but that wasn’t evident today.  The parking lot had Lexus and Mercedes, as well as Ford and Kia.  The people using the park had ancestors from all over the globe, and were of ages from a couple months old to at least their sixties.  The children played and chased each other, the adult men were playing cornhole and washers, and the women were all talking with one another.  Nobody seemed to shun anyone, nor did I see any anger or resentment.  Yeah, we have our issues, but if tonight was at all representative of how things stand, we’re not nearly as bad off as we sometimes believe.
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  1. Kids and water hoses are ALWAYS interesting… sigh… And at the lowest levels, civility DOES rule when people actually interact in peaceful settings.

    • It’s the cheapest toy I can give him during the summer. As a bonus, the lawn and flowerbeds get watered.

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