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  • Project Management Quantum Theory – We have to go through the process in order to define the process, but the process must be in place before we do it.
  • Project Management Calculus – As the length of time it takes to do a task approaches zero and the simplicity of it approaches infinity, the processes and paperwork needed to do it will also approach infinity.
  • You know that old saw about not pissing off writers because they’ll work you into their novel and then kill you off?  I tried that the other night, and it was strangely satisfying.
  • Girlie Bear didn’t understand why I made her do a lay-out of all the things she needed to take to JROTC camp.  That is, until I discovered that she planned on taking exactly two pairs of socks and three tee shirts, and explained her error to her.
    • She did, however, remember to pack her new bathing suit and oh-so fashionable tiger-striped shower shoes.
    • Did I mention that the last time she went to this camp, I went to Fort Knox and bought her extras of both and they were sitting in the bottom of one of her dresser drawers?
  • Apparently the most important thing I could do to help her get ready was make a double batch of banana bread.
  • Taking a blond-haired, blue-eyed seven year old boy with an outgoing personality to a JROTC parents meeting, where there were multiple teenage girls, sounded like a good idea at the time, but I’m pretty sure Boo came home with at least a few new friends.
  • Show of hands – Who would like to see a series of restaurant reviews geared toward people coming to the 2016 NRAAM in Louisville?
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  1. jake

     /  June 5, 2015

    Ooh! Here’s a hand, here’s a hand!

  2. DAN

     /  June 6, 2015

    Do they still have a burger place called Ollies Trolley there?

    • Yep. Kind of far away from the fair grounds, but I’ll see if I can take a spin over there.

  3. Yep on the reviews! And be GLAD you’re not doing government Process…sigh…

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