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  • I finally gave in and just bought the junk food Girlie Bear wanted to take for her camping trip this weekend.  It’s only two nights, so scurvy probably won’t set in.
  • I don’t know what was funnier, Girlie Bear’s face when I said I thought I might volunteer to chaperone said trip, or her face when I told her that I couldn’t go.
  • I am going to find the person who wrote the documentation for the new software I am using at work and beat them with a manhole cover.  “To use this feature, please reference section 5 of the release notes”  “To use this feature, please refer to section 7 of the user’s guide.”  “To use this feature, please refer to the on-line help.”  “Error 404, File Not Found”
  • It finally happened.  I caught a young man checking out Girlie Bear when we stopped to get a burger for dinner tonight. I was quite civilized about the whole thing, but if he dies from an aneurism tonight, it may be my fault.
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  1. Glenn555

     /  May 22, 2015

    I thank God every day that I never had a girl.

  2. Which junk food?

    And was that civilized as in Marko’s “the gun is civilization”? 😛

    • Crackers, sticky buns, that kind of thing.

      And civilized as in ‘I’ll note your interest but will keep you in sight in case you’re a creep.

  3. LOL, be glad you don’t have TWO of them… Sigh…

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