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A Letter to Kroger

A few weeks ago, I asked those who could to keep their receipts after shopping at Kroger and related businesses, then to send them to the companies customer relations department with a letter thanking them for staying neutral in the gun rights argument.  I’ve seen a few of you post your letters, and here’s mine.
The Kroger Co.
Customer Relations
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Dear Sir and/or Ma’am,

Our family has shopped at Kroger and her related businesses for many years, and I am writing to thank you for welcoming us in your stores.  You see, you have recently been assailed by anti-gun zealots, who are attempting to bully your company into changing your policy when it comes to the lawful carry of weapons by your customers.  You chose to continue to follow local laws in your stores, and we want to thank you for that.

Thank you for staying out of that argument and treating your customers like reasonable adults.  It is a breath of fresh air for a company to have the good sense to not take a side in something like this, and follow the laws in the areas in which you have stores.

During the last month, after anti-rights groups called for a boycott of your stores, I began to keep my families Kroger receipts and tallied up the amount we have spent at our local stores, and it came to $415.07 spent on food and fuel.  I am enclosing those receipts with this letter.  I have asked my friends and family to follow suit, because we want you to know that while some may shun your businesses due to your stance of following the law and not imposing ideology, there are many more of us who will continue to use Kroger because you choose to stay out of this fight and just do business.

Again, thank you for treating us like responsible, peaceful, law-abiding adults, and welcoming our business.


Daddy J. Bear

Louisville, Kentucky

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