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Then and Now

As a kid, here were my choices for Saturday morning entertainment:

  • Anvils falling on coyotes and a cross-dressing rabbit making life hell for an anal-retentive duck.
  • A mouse and a cat attempting murder upon each other.
  • Robotic and human action figures shooting millions of laser beams but never causing more than minor property damage.

Here’s what I have this morning:

  • The last five minutes of an episode of a 1950’s Batman serial, followed by selected scenes from 1970’s white guilt “Aren’t you ashamed that you grew up in the suburbs instead of the urban cesspool we’ve plunked you down into?” movies.
  • A very nice man painting a very nice picture of a very nice bell pepper.
  • A 90 minute commercial for a blender that also works as an ice cream maker, juicer, paper shredder, flour grinder, and countertop log chipper.
  • Political commentary and yellow journalism masquerading as real news, on multiple channels, from multiple viewpoints.
  • Semi-interesting rerun of an art show of guy making happy trees.  (Boo found this fascinating.  Irish Woman, who is the one parent he has that can see more than 4 bit color, let him eat his breakfast in front of the TV for this one.

I gave up, enjoyed my coffee, and went back to reading a friend’s novel.


  1. All the choices from your childhood are available, for (considering that when I was a kid the idea of owning movies was absurd) a nominal sum. Yes, broadcast, and by extension cable, TV is swill. It almost always has been, which is why the Bugs Bunny Show held on through decades in spite of a dearth of new material; no real competition.

    For the action figures I recommend going to the Japanese original where possible. Many of ten are as bad as anything the U.S. ever produced, but you also run into the occasional show where violence has real physical and emotional consequences, and characters are at least deeper than damp pavement. GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONE COMPLEX springs to mind.

  2. I have a rerun of Jeremiah Johnson on right now.
    Which is suitable for me, but probably not Boo.

  3. Phssthpok

     /  April 25, 2015

    ‘…art show guy…” Immediately made me thing of ERBOH on Youtube:

    (mild language alert for this one…others can get downright vulgar)

  4. MaddMedic

     /  April 26, 2015

    Watching what today offers up on TeeWee, will turn you into a mindless progressive…

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