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  • What a day.  I haven’t had this much fun since the day one of my soldiers told me that the rest of the squad was betting him that he couldn’t drink a canteen of diesel fuel and wanted to know if I wanted in on the pool.
    • This was the same blunt skull who, when asked by our commanding general if he was OK after she saw the bandage on his head, told her, and I am directly quoting here, “It’s OK, ma’am.  Chicks dig scars.”
    • He got said head wound because when Sergeant DaddyBear says “Put on your helmet before you put the camouflage spreaders up.”, he means, “Please don’t let the semi-sharp edge of a camo spreader fall on your rather useless brain pan and spray blood all over the side of my track.”
    • Honestly, I thought I was a hard drinker when I was a private in Germany.  Then I got to Arizona and had to ‘lead’ those rejects.  That’s when I learned about real hard drinking.
  • I need to start writing down ideas for writing before I take my allergy medicine.  When I’m in the shower or on the way to work, I’m writing the Great American Novel.  When I take a moment at lunchtime or after dinner to get them down on paper, my head seems to be full of cotton.
  • It also doesn’t help that there isn’t room for a laptop and Derby the Wonder Dog to sit in my lap at the same time.
  • One good thing about my method for landscaping is that I can solve a lot of problems with post hole mix and a shovel.
  • It’s amazing how efficiently the USPS gets a letter to you when you give the sender your correct address.


  1. Gene

     /  March 28, 2015

    A friend who was in the Guard long ago told me of a companion who was a whiz of a tank mechanic but useless for about anything else. One time, while deployed to summer camp at Ft Polk they enountered a General Officer exiting the Base Exchange, and the mechanic failed to salute. The General stopped him and told him he was General So’n’so, commanding officer of the entire base upon which the mechanic’s feet rested. What do you think about that, private? Private Snuffy’s brow furrowed and he put some thought into it, and replied; “Sounds like you got a good job if you don’t fvck it up.”

  2. Oh yeah… I had an Ordy that was like that. He used to stand at the bottom of the ladder with a fifth of Jack and a coke asking how long he could drink… sigh

  3. So… Was that Claudia…?

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