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Bend Like A Reid In The Wind

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, current Minority Leader, former Majority Leader, and internationally recognized champion in Olympic pig calling, has announced that he will not seek re-election in 2016.  I’d like to thank Senator Reid for his long years of government service, and wish him well as he retires from 32 years in Congress where he accomplished…..  Well, there’s that one time he got….  Hmmm, well, as Majority Leader he…..  Well, he must have done something to rise through the ranks of his party other than being able to get the people of Nevada to keep re-electing him, and we thank him for that.

Since Mr. Reid is a go-getter kind of guy, I can’t see him joining the rocking chair brigade.  Here are some suggestions for what he can do after he leaves Washington:

  • Work at the Walmart in Pahrump.  However, instead of being a greeter, Harry can stand in front of the checkout lines and prevent shoppers from completing their purchase.
  • Join the crew at the Bellagio, where he will spend his time putting dry wall screws into the wheel of fortune and the roulette wheel so that they can’t spin.
  • Stand at the top of Hoover Dam and push people over the side just before they finish the tour.
  • Earn that NRA rating by traveling to golf courses and shooting the balls just as they make that last chip onto the 18th green.
  • Stand on the Las Vegas Strip and hand out “business” cards featuring pictures of his former female Democrat colleagues, including Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi.
  • Work with the monorail company in Las Vegas to make sure that an efficient, cost-effective, and convenient mass-transit system never extends to McCarran Airport from the Strip.

Anyway, we here at DaddyBear’s Den wish Mr. Reid a pleasant retirement.  Thanks for all the blog fodder, Harry!

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