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Blogs Roundup

  • Nancy R. has started on a new project.  She is raising the bar for those of us who think that a $2 bedsheet and a pair of scissors makes a dandy Halloween costume.
  • Heroditus Huxley does an excellent rundown on the consequences of bad choices.
  • Massad Ayoob makes an excellent point – Don’t carry for what you think is going to happen, carry for the worst case scenario.
  • GrayBeard went on an awesome vacation.  Someday I want to go to that part of the world and actually see the parts that are worth traveling for.
  • Captain Tightpants talks about the conundrum of knowing who really needs help and who is gaming the system.
  • Wilson hit the jackpot in finding an archive of Depression and World War II photographs.
  • Brigid got a surprise, but reminds us that family is more than genetics.
  • Weer’d shows how sometimes the other side makes our point for us.
  • Joe reminds us to always ask for the numbers and the rules by which they were analyzed.
  • The September Kilted to Kick Cancer campaign is underway.   Here are a few friends who are participating. Hit them up with a donation if you’ve got it.  If you’re participating and I’ve missed you, let me know and I’ll add you to the list.


  1. You skipped me on the KTKC list…

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