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  • I’m not known for my people skills, but when I offer to take more than my fair share of a workload, I get a little grumpy when someone tells me I’m making things difficult for others.
  • When the high point of your day is a surprise random drug screening at work, that might just be a sign that you should have pulled the covers over your head and gone back to sleep.
  • It’s a hard lesson for a young woman, but making Girlie Bear pay to replace the tablet computer she destroyed after owning it for THREE DAYS will hopefully teach her to take better care of her things.
  • Whoever taught Boo to sing songs from “Frozen”, I am going to hunt you down and stake you out for the wombats to nibble upon.
  • If you’re such a troll that you make a good woman, who is as tough as nails and as kind as they come, decide that her hobby just isn’t worth the effort anymore, then you deserve whatever fate befalls you.
  • If you have to be told to not to use company computers and networks to seek out leaked photographs of young, possibly under-age, starlets, then maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to use company computers and networks at all.
  • If you want to debate whether or not Americans have the right to be outraged when they see two of their fellow citizens beheaded on the Internet, then don’t come crying to me in indignation when someone finally finds something that you value to violate.
  • Phase II of the back yard hold out structure, also known as the tree/play house, is complete.  The frame is up, and all I need to do now is make more money so I can put the sides and roof on.
  • It’s good to work with people who understand that suggestions are just suggestions, and who don’t get emotional when you, after thoughtful consideration, decide to do something different.


  1. THREE days??? Ouch… and yeah, paying ‘should’ get her attention…


    • It’s a rare 16 year old who can part with $150 and not have it sink in that maybe she ought to be a tad more careful with her things.


  2. That whole thing with Tam is disturbing.
    Why do people have to be like that?
    I’ll never understand.


    • Some people are born jerks. Some are mentally off. Some just want to watch others twitch for their own entertainment. I, for one, wish Tam well and hope that this is a temporary hiatus.


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