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Blogs Roundup

  • Graybeard does a good job explaining the difference between .308 and 7.62x51mm.  He also gives us a good graphic on the subject.
  • Ex Bootneck points us to the different field rations used around the world.  I miss the five fingers of death, myself.
  • Drang explains why sometimes the stupid directions are stupid for a good reason, not just because sometimes soldiers are, well, stupid.
  • Some people have all the luck.  This month, at least in the gun department, its Pediem.
  • Marko reminds us of Peel’s rules for policing.  Remember, police are fighting a low-level conflict all the time, and they need the trust and cooperation of the people to be successful.  Once they lose that, they aren’t much more than an occupying force.
  • Captain Tightpants gives us his views on the Ferguson, Missouri, Kerfluffle of 2014.
  • One of Raindogblue’s compatriots is in a bad way, and could use our thoughts and prayers.
  • Mrs. Homegrown gives some good pointers on using worms to aid in composting.
  • Commander Zero weighs in on the .40 versus 9mm versus .45 ACP debate, and the graphic he uses is worth your price of admission all by itself.
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  1. Thank you! I am at my brother’s bed side, now. The surgery was a success, but the swelling the day after is impressive and painful.

    He spends thanks from his heart to all for thinking and praying for him.

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